How to Fill and Top up the Water

You will have several reasons to need to add water to the Affinity:


Obviously when you first build your Affinity you will fill it completely. You can do this via a hose from the mains water supply. It should not take too long but will depend on your water pressure and the size of your Affinity Pool (our Mocha Weave Octagon took roughly 40 minutes). It is essential that you add a measured dose of Blagdon Bioactive Tap Safe or Fresh Start to the water to make it safe for aquatic life when you start to fill the pool. Tap water contains Chlorine which is extremely harmful to fish and aquatic wildlife. Adding Bioactive Tap Safe or Fresh Start not only makes the water safe for life, but also adds a dose of filter start. For more information see Getting to know your Inpond.

Ensure the liner is positioned so the windows and panels line up and the creases in the liner are flattened out. This will not be possible once the pool is full. Leave the hose running until the pool is filled to just under the level of the fixing screws. Leave the pool to settle and the temperature to stabilise for at least twenty four hours before introducing fish.

A water change for pools with fish

Because fish effectively live in their own toilet, waste products build up over time. The filter will clean the water, but dirt and toxins can build up so it is good practice to refresh the water from time to time. To do this you can either siphon out the water with a hose or use the fountain to effectively pump out the water (remove the fountain head and turn up the flow and point it out of the pool). This water is fine to use on the garden.

A regular water change would consist of replacing about 25% of the pool volume about once a month. BEFORE you begin to top back up with the hose, add a measured dose of Blagdon Bioactive Tapsafe or Fresh Start directly to the pool. Ensure the flow of the hose is very slow as the water temperature may be different to that of the pool. Sudden temperature changes will stress the fish and can trigger illness.

Water changes are required when the pool is new and the biological balance has not been established yet. If there are few fish and a lot of plants, regular water changes can be reduced after the first three months. See How to Introduce fish successfully for further information on water quality and fish.

Topping up with water

In hot weather you may experience some evaporation. This is very normal. Also, if you have a windy day and the fountain is running too high you may get some water blowing out of the pool. If either of these happen just top up with the hose, again adding Bioactive Tap Safe or Fresh Start before you add the water and ensuring the hose flow is slow (as above). Adjust the fountain height if required to reduce water loss.