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Here are the current, most popular questions being asked about Affinity Pools. We have included other FAQs filed under categories, please chose from the links to the right.

My water has gone green, what shall I do?

Green water (or pea green water) is a type of single celled algae and is common in the warm, sunny months of the year and after starting a new pond. The presences of green water is not a failing of the product or equipment but is a completely natural process. Because of the tiny size of the algae cells they do not get caught in the filter. There are a few main ways to address this which are fully explained in the How to… section:
How to Deal with Green Water and Algae

Will Affinty attract wildlife into my garden?

Affinity will act as an oasis in your garden and could attract a large variety of wildlife. Birds may visit for a drink or a bath, and a whole selection of water borne fauna will be attracted by the addition of the pool.

Won’t the water get too hot in the summer?

Although the water temperature will rise in the summer, this is usually gradual and, in the UK, is unlikely be too hot for your fish. The problem that does occur in hot weather is the lack of oxygen as this is used up much faster in warm conditions. In warm weather, ensure you have your fountain/waterfall running day and night which helps to oxygenate the pool. If you are concerned about the fish, or they are ‘gasping’ at the surface then you can add a Pond Air system to help introduce more oxygen to the pool. You can also do a partial water change (see How to…Fill and top up the water).

Is it safe to have strongly rooted plants, like Waterlilies, in my Affinity

Yes, the liner in the Affinity pools is 1mm, fibre reinforced PVC, thicker than the average pond liner, which are usually 0.5mm. You should not be concerned.

The Affinity Grand pools are a great size for growing plants like Waterlilies due to their larger volume and surface area