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Here are the current, most popular questions being asked about Affinity Pools. We have included other FAQs filed under categories, please chose from the links to the right.

Will the Affinity Pool survive the winter?

Yes, Affinity has been designed for outdoor use, all year around in the UK. The water may freeze to a certain level (depending on the outside temperature). You can prevent the surface from closing over completely by using an Ice Vent Heater or Pond Air pump. Our UK test pools have coped with some harsh weather over the winter (without any heaters!) and the liner, surround and the fish all survived well!

Another option to help prevent freezing is to add a product such as Pond Guardian Tonic Salt (never use regular table or sea salt). These carefully balanced salts decreases the freezing temperature of water and are also an added benefit to the fish as they prepare for winter.

How much power will Affinity use?

The Pump in the Inpond has a 10 watt motor, and LED light (when on) uses an extremely low 0.76 watts.

Can I turn the fountain/waterfall off at night or if I go away?

It is possible to turn off the fountain or waterfall without turning off the ‘life support system’. If you turn the flow adjuster completely to divert the flow to the pool outlet, this maintains circulation and oxygenation to the fish and ‘life support system’. Turn the flow adjuster completely to the in pool diverter and feel the flow going into the pool. This is also a good option if you are away. It will prevent excessive evaporation/water loss but will maintain the flow of water in the pool.

We also recommend that you turn the fountain or waterfall off briefly when you feed your fish. This helps you too see clearly into the pool and enjoy your fish feeding. It also prevents the food getting churned up with the water.

You shouldn’t turn the entire unit off if you have fish as it is running and maintaining a biological filter to keep healthy water quality. Turning off the Inpond may also encourage green water.

My LED is not coming on early enough, why?

The night time LED is set to come on at a certain level of darkness. This has been set to allow for the sensor getting a build up of dirt or algae, which would bring the darkness level sooner.

There is a sensor cover which can be moved over the sensor (mimicking darkness) if you would like to have the LED light running constantly

Can I turn the LED off?

The LED is a permanent and automatic fixture. However, you can remove the LED lamp from its casing if you want to permanently turn the lamp off. See the Inpond instructions that came with the product for replacing/removing the lamp.

Is the waterfall frost resistant?


How do I clean the pool?

To clean the Inpond, please refer to our ‘How to… Clean and Maintain Inpond’ film.

The inner liner of the pool and the windows will get a fine build up of soft algae. This is perfectly natural and can be left on the liner. The windows should be gently cleaned by wiping with the Affinity Window Cleaning Pads (never use any abrasive materials to clean the windows as you risk scratching them).

The outer surface of the panels can be rinsed off with a gentle hose and a clean sponge, or a can of plain water. Do not to get this water in the pool as tap water is not safe unless Tapsafe has been added. Never use any cleaning products, detergents or chemicals on the pool or windows.

Scoop out any debris that falls into the pool i.e. leaves, using a pond fish net. This helps to avoid them sinking and breaking down as waste in to bottom of the pool.

Do I always have to keep the Inpond running?

YES, if you are keeping fish it is essential to keep the Inpond running to keep the ‘life support system’ functioning. It plays the key role in maintaining a healthy pool for fish and life.

See our video for Getting to know your Inpond

What are the windows made of, and how do I clean them?

The viewing windows are made from strong, shatterproof PVC. The nature of the material means that it is essential to clean the windows (both inside and out) with the Affinity window cleaning pads to avoid seriously scratching the surface and permanently damaging the window.

The inside of the window will get a light layer of soft green algae which is perfectly natural in any water feature. Gentle wipe this away using a fresh cleaning pad. If the outer needs a clean, rinse the surface dirt with a little water first to remove larger particles, then wipe gentle with a clean cleaning pad, if necessary.

Never use chemicals or cleaning products on the windows, or the pool.

How do I remove water from my Affinity using the Inpond?

You can use the pump to remove water by removing the fountain head and tipping the top of the pipe out of the pool, or by attaching a hose to the top of the riser pipe and taking that over and out of the pool