Meet the Team

Affinity has been developed over the last four years by a dedicated team of aquatics experts (and fish lovers). These are the key players in the team, but there is a larger, supporting team behind the project at Interpet Ltd .

The concept and design for Affinity Pools came from a four year development strategy by the Product Development Manager, Andrew Paxton, who saw the need for a new, easier way to introduce water into the garden. After several years of hard work and dedication, Affinity has grown to a range of living feature pools to suit any garden.

Andrew Paxton has been with Blagdon for many years, working in a variety of roles including Blagdon Brand Manager and his current role of Product Development Manager. Andrew has brought industry changing products to the aquatics market, such as: Pond Monsta, the Powersafe range, and more recently, Liberty Mains Free Features. Andrew is a passionate gardener and keen fish keeper, having both ponds and tropical aquariums.

Nathan Ring is Business Development Manager for the Interpet outdoor brands, including Blagdon, Affinity and Liberty. As is quite typical within Interpet, Nathan’s background has always been in aquatics, ponds and gardens, having historically run his own landscaping business. Nathan has experience in both the sales and marketing side of the business. Another creative soul, Nathan enjoys designing and spends a lot of time sketching.

Karen Paxton is the Digital Marketing Executive for Interpet, and has been with the business since 2005. A communications graduate, Karen works alongside the Product Managers to create and implement marketing strategies and materials for both on and offline. Art, design and nature are Karen’s passions, as well as much time spent in the gym.

Adrian Exell is a Fishery Science graduate who is responsible for the development and marketing teams for the Interpet brands; both Pet and Aquatics. He has a passion for developing innovative products to make it easy for people to enjoy the pleasure of fish and pet keeping and has been part of the company for over 20 years. This is why he is particularly proud of Affinity as it makes it so easy for people to successfully introduce water and fish into their garden. Adrian has always been fascinated by all things fishy and he is also just as at home in the water as he loves water sports!

Chloe Penfold is the Product and Digital Marketing Assistant for Interpet, spending her time supporting the work of the Blagdon Team across all marketing work. As a recent Media and Communication graduate, she’s still learning as she works, bringing a consumer perspective to the team and a real passion for web and digital. Chloe spends her free time doing amateur dramatics, often appearing in local productions.

Martin Beaney is the Aquatics Brand Technician who ensures that all Blagdon products are fit for purpose, easy to use and the best quality we can provide. With a retail background, Martin has brought some fantastic knowledge to the team and works closely with Andrew on product development. With a degree in Freshwater and Marine Biology, Martin has a passion for fish keeping and spends much of his free time tending to his several marine aquariums.