Ice Vent Pond Heater

Ice Vent Pond Heater. Winter pond support. An Ice Vent Heater will maintain a steady flow of oxygen throughout your Affinity pool when low temperatures freeze the surface of the water. It is important to keep an area of the water’s surface open through winter to ensure there is sufficient oxygen for your fish.

Inpond Maintenance Kits

All the foams and pads you need to keep your Inpond clean and running well. Find the specific pack for your Inpond at your local aquatic retailer. Polymer wool pads should be changed monthly. Other foams can be rinsed regularly in pond water to clear blockages, and replaced when they show breakages and wear.

Polymer Wool Filter Pads

Affinity Accessories Polymer Wool Filter Pads

A set of 6 replacement Polymer Wool Pads for the filter cartridge, to keep the water sparkling clean. Change whenever the pool looses sparkling clarity, or when you clean your Inpond. Replace the cartridge approx. once a month.

Window Cleaning Pads

A pack of 6 window cleaning pads for cleaning the unique Affinity viewing windows. It is vital that the windows are treated carefully and only cleaned using a fresh Affinity window cleaning pad, this it to avoid seriously damaging the strong but delicate PVC window surface. It is advisable for both the inside and outside surfaces of the windows.

Planting Baskets

Planting Baskets Affinity Accessories

You can add additional planting baskets to the pool in the same way as you fitted the one that comes in the kit. For ease of fitting, we advise only fitting one to every other panel. This basket comes with the fixing bracket.

Affinity Green Water Clarifier Upgrade

Upgrade your Inpond All-in-One to include a Green Water Clarifier* to permanently clear stubborn green water. For more information on installing the Green Water Clarifier see: ‘How to… Upgrade the Affinity Blagdon Inpond All-in-One with the Affinity Green Water Clarifier’.

Rill Waterfall

Rill Waterfall Upgrade for your Affinity Pool

Additional Rill Waterfalls are available if you would like to upgrade your Affinity pool. Waterfalls come as standard with Mocha Weave Half Moon and Textaline Square
For information on fitting and connecting the waterfall see: ‘How to…add the waterfall’.

Fresh Start

Every time you add tap water to the pool (whether doing a water change, or just topping up) it is vital to add Blagdon Fresh Start prior to adding the water. This is to prevent damaging your fish or the friendly bacteria in your ‘life support system’. Find out more about Fresh Start here.

Green Away

Blagdon Green Away is a natural based formula that treats green water by sticking the single celled green algae and fine dirt particles together. This allows it to be trapped by the filter. Green Away is available in bottles of 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. Find out more about Green Away here.

Extract of Barley Straw

Blagdon’s Extract of Barley Straw is the natural solution to blanket weed. The by-product of the barley straw bale that works on blanket weed has been extracted and concentrated to give faster and more effective results than floating ugly bales of straw in the pool! It is available in bottles of 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. Find out more about Extract of Barley Straw here.

Pond Balance

Affinity Accessories Pond Balance

Blagdon Pond Balance is the reliable and extremely effective way to clear blanket weed. It also balances the pool water, promoting plant growth. Pond Balance is a herbicide FREE formula.

Replacement Pool Liner

Affinity Accessories Relacement Pool Liner

If for any reason you damage or break your Affinity liner, you can replace the entire liner. Available for all sizes. Speak to your aquatic retailer to get the right size for your pool.

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