Enjoy and Connect

Fun and engaging; children and adults alike can’t resist peering through the viewing windows into the world of the pool and enjoying the fish and other pool life from a new view. The fountain and waterfall also add the pleasant and calming sights and sounds that moving water brings to the garden.

Watching the fish and wildlife moving around, grow, and develop is both interesting and rewarding. The pool can also be enjoyed in the evening as the integrated automatic night time LED lights up the fountain or waterfall and illuminates the water giving you extended pleasure from the pool.

  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of water in the garden
  • Fun and educational
  • Attracts a variety of wildlife
  • Shatterproof PVC viewing windows
  • Plant basket allows you to add plants
  • The ‘Life support system’ moves and cleans the water
  • Enjoy the pool’s features, day and night and throughout the seasons

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