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About Affinity:

Affinity Mocha Weave Octagon being enjoyed by a family

Affinity Living Feature Pools are a stylish and unique raised living water feature pool available in a variety of styles. Affinity introduces a fresh dimension to any garden, patio or deck.

Affinity Pools are designed and manufactured by a leading UK water garden brand; Blagdon – The Pond Masters. With over fifty years experience in fish keeping and water gardening, you can be sure the kit is not only beautiful, but designed specifically for successful fish keeping and water gardening.

If the thought of sitting in the summer sun against a backdrop of flowing water, the buzz of dragon flies and watching fish peacefully swim through dappled water appeals to you, achieving this dream has suddenly become a great deal easier.

  • Three stunning fountain features included: Daisy Jet, Super Daisy and Bell Jet
  • Stylish Rill Waterfall included with Mocha Halfmoon and Textaline Square or available as an upgrade
  • Unique viewing windows
  • Automatic night time LED illumination extends the enjoyment of your feature
  • High quality weave or textaline makes a strong, stylish addition to any garden area
  • Complete, easy-to-use ‘life support system’ included

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